Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pictures from John's 32nd Birthday Party 3-9-07

Comments from Steve Haskin

I asked Steve Haskin, author of the fantastic book, John Henry: Racing's Grand Old Man, if he would write a few words about John. Steve graciously agreed, and his comments follow.

"It's great to see old John with a blog, so people familiar with the horse, and even those who have just read about him, can interact and discuss one of the most amazing horses in history. In writing a book about John Henry, I came to learn how deeply he affected people and just how many lives he touched. So many people had their hands on John, and he always managed to slip through their fingers, as if destined to wind up with Ron McAnally, who, like John, was unwanted as a youngster. It had to be fate that brought these two together, as no one until McAnally was able to provide the kind of atmosphere for John to shed many of the demons that had plagued him in his early days and made him near-impossible to deal with. He remains irrascible to this very day, but McAnally gave him an emotional foundation that allowed him to co-exist with humans.

I can spend all day going over John's remarkable accomplishments and records, but that is what this blog is for. Scientific and psychological studies made of John revealed a horse unlike any other, and it was his uniqueness -- physiologically and mentally -- that made him great. I hope people enjoy sharing their experiences and thoughts about John. One thing about him, he was never dull. I imagine the same will be said of this blog." --- Steve Haskin

Monday, June 25, 2007

John Henry looking out on 6-5-07

Why Are We Here?

It is not about just "a horse;" but about perseverance, dedication, motivation, hard work, and tenacity. It is about John Henry succeeding, winning, setting records, and capturing the hearts and spirit of thousands of fans all across the country for many years. And even now, 22 years after retirement, John still is an inspiration to many. John was not born into thoroughbred racing royalty; but worked, struggled, and fought valiantly for what he earned and accomplished. John Henry’s passion, will, determination and "heart" make him a true champion, and definitely a living legend!

Welcome to the John Henry Blog Site

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the John Henry Blog site! The purpose of this site is to talk about our favorite thoroughbred, John Henry. Stories, questions, comments are welcome! John Henry recently celebrated his 32nd birthday on March 9, 2007. That is the equivalent of 100+ in human years.

Welcome aboard!

Dr. John