Monday, June 25, 2007

Why Are We Here?

It is not about just "a horse;" but about perseverance, dedication, motivation, hard work, and tenacity. It is about John Henry succeeding, winning, setting records, and capturing the hearts and spirit of thousands of fans all across the country for many years. And even now, 22 years after retirement, John still is an inspiration to many. John was not born into thoroughbred racing royalty; but worked, struggled, and fought valiantly for what he earned and accomplished. John Henry’s passion, will, determination and "heart" make him a true champion, and definitely a living legend!


Stetson said...

I love the photos of John Henry and wish I lived closer to him so I could visit more often. I have to wonder how he'll receive all the activity of the World Equestrian Show hosted at the Kentucky Horse Park in 2010. I'm sure he'll welcome the attention, in only a way that John Henry can! (wink/grin) This is a wonderful blog site... It's so nice to be able to connect with other John Henry fans! ~ Stetson

Anonymous said...

Hi Stetson,

Thanks for the comments. I am sure John will be as aloof as ever when the crowds arrive. During his birthday party this year, he stayed way in the back of his paddock, as 300 fans sang him "Happy Birthday!"

Check back often, as new updates will be added here on a regular basis.

Dr. John

Echo Farm said...

Way to go, John. You're one good looking guy. We'll be up to visit soon.

Dr. John said...

Hi Echo Farm,

Thanks for your comments, please stop by often!

Dr. John

edie said...

Since I only followed the Triple Crown races for many years, it's good that John is still around so that I got to meet him. But I sure wish I'd had my act together and had watched him win all of those races!

Dr. John said...

Hi Edie,

The Kentucky Horse Park gift shop has a great DVD about John titled "John Henry: Standing Tall at 30."

It is awesome!

Dr. John

Anonymous said...

Dr. John,

I am a Fan of Barbaro based in California, and we are in the process of putting together a fund raiser for TB Friends, which is a local Thoroubred Rescue. I was wondering if I could use some of your photos to put together a John Henry Memorial that I could auction off to raise money for TB Friends.

Please let me know at

Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures.