Saturday, January 12, 2008

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Judy G (Burbank, CA) said...

I wish more people would vist this blog and share their "tails" about the Legendary John Henry. I thought John~John would live forever - we can keep his spirit alive and "kicking" though by making a visit here more often. How can we spread the word about this blog?? Anyone reading this, please help keep John Henry's legacy alive!

"Out of Sight, Out of Mind" does not apply to the Champ John Henry!!

The Kentucky Horse Park plans to celebrate his 33rd birthday on March 9, 2008. This date falls on a Sunday, so there is no excuse NOT to attend!

If you have a youtube video of John please share your link in this blog, too.

Anonymous said...

John Henry does live! He isn't with us in the body, but his spirit is with us.
He lives in the tapestry of friendships that were woven because of him.
He lives in our hearts and our minds as we remember him each day.
His legacy will never die!

BTW..Dr John, I would love to see the head shot of John Henry that used to be on the front of this blog return. It is such a good picture.

GG (Lexington KY)

mt said...

Our great champion, John Henry, will always be here as long as we hold him in our memory. 7 weeks after he passed I visited his stall. While I stood there reflecting on his life, I felt his presence. John Henry is here with us. His spirit lives on.

Dr. John said...

Thanks everyone, I would like to see John's blog get more visitors too.

GG -- for some reason, when I post the original picture again, it gets cut off, which makes NO sense, since it was up here for six months. I am still working on it, thanks for asking!

Dr. John

SKY said...

A legend like John Henry will always live in the hearts of all who became his extended family. He touched so many lives and was able to live a long successful life for all to enjoy. Let his beautiful spirit forever run free.......
Lin Roberts CA

Dr. John said...

Hi Lin,

Thanks for stopping by John's blog site. Just curious, how did you find us?

Dr. John

Lin, Sky and Stormy said...

Dr John,
I am a former Chandler/Ahwatukee resident and moved away from my beloved AZ and YOUR restaurant in 97. I always brought clients to your establishment where we were consistently treated like royalty. Rarely do you find the likes of Neven and your staff..........he was the best and will never be forgotten.
After I moved to CA I went to see the new Native Dancer TWIN horses and fell in love with the filly...the rest is history in my website. My horses are from the famous Ruidoso horse of the year 1979 Fols Native (direct sire line of Native Dancer) who passed in 1987. The fame of John Henry and the fame of Fols Native in the same era intriques me.
I plan to be in Tempe next month and will come by to enjoy the warm ambience,class of service and personal attention I miss so much.
~Lin...and my Native Dancer horses.

Anonymous said...

Dear John~John,
You left us four months ago today...but the pain of losing you remains strong. I think of you every day.

I know you are happy running in Heaven's Pastures - enjoying the friendship of the other horses who passed before you.

I will visit your grave next month for your Birthday Celebration. Obviously, it will NOT be the same!! I'll be sure to visit Cigar and ask him about his "visits" from you :-)

Love and Kisses, Judy (Burbank, CA) XO

Dr. John said...

Thanks Judy G! It will definitely NOT be the same without John!

John K