Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Photos From John's Memorial Birthday Celebration

Photos from John's celebration on Sunday March 9, 2008.


Anonymous said...

thanks for uploading these photos. i wasn't able to be there-these mean alot.

Dr. John said...

Thank you for the kind words. There were about 60 people there. It turned out great, and everyone missed John.

Dr. John

Anonymous said...

Dear John Henry Fans:
It was a wonderful get together at the KHP. John had to "challenge" those of us coming from out of town because of the weather. However, on his birthday, he decided to give us sunshine!!! :-)

As Cathy Roby mentioned, they used to hold the birthday parties at the Hall of Champions because John was confined there. But, now that John can go anywhere they had the celebration indoors...I'm sure he was there, too.

It was great to see old friends - friendships made because of our love for John Henry - and making new friends!

Verna, Jean, and Bobby were in attendance. It was great hearing them reminisce. Hearing their stories about John~John. Verna and Jean we able to go to the dinner the John Henry Group had planned later that day.

The park has great hopes that John's memorial statue will be completed and unvailed on the anniversary of his death this year: October 8th. So, please check here for more updated information. I'm sure Dr. John will post details as they come in.

I went up to the Hall of Champions to visit John's grave. To me it certainly felt different. There was so longer the presence of John's charisma. No beautiful brown eyes to look into...

Dr. John, it was great to see you again! The celebration was more subdued but you could still feel the LOVE in the room for the Legendary John Henry!! As you and I agree, the larger the John Henry Group grows the more people to continue telling his story and keeping his legacy alive.

Let's see what our Beloved John has in store for weather in October!

Regards to all,
Judy G (Burbank, CA)

P.S. John~John love and kisses, as always XOXO

Anonymous said...

Thank you Judy for the narrative. It was great seeing you, Richard and everyone else at the KHP.

Dr. John

banamine said...

Nice to see some people are that interested in this and willing to share the past and present great job great people
Long Live John

terri said...

Great pictures of John Henry. The cake looks really good. It is nice to have them on the blog for people that couldn't be there.