Friday, August 1, 2008

August 2008 Comments

Please post your comments and thoughts for August here.


Dr. John


Anonymous said...

The Arlington Million is this weekend good luck to all the horses you have some big hooves to fill!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How very true!


Anonymous said...

No horse can match this amazing creature - the Legendary Gelding John Henry!!! He almost won three times.

God bless and protect all the horses running this weekend - John Henry would want it this way.

And, yes, they have big horse shoes and a BIG HEART to fill this weekend at Arlington.... :-)

Judy G (Burbank, CA)

Anonymous said...

August 8, 2008
I cannot believe this is the 10-month anniversary that you were welcomed into Heaven by the other great horses who went before you.

I bet they LOVE your feisty personality! Something us humans truly miss.

Saturday is the race you put on the map. The Arlington Million. I know you will be watching from your celestial paddock. You will probably be thinking: "Let's see you horses run on the turf I made famous! I'll be there in spirit. God speed."

John, your statue stands forever at the Arlington track. Not only a wonderful reminder to those of us who knew you and loved you, but to also remind generations to come about your legacy.

Your legacy is not just at this track but race tracks around the country. You proved you could WIN on dirt. You proved you could WIN on turf. That, in inself, is quite a challenge.

You may have been small, but your heart and your determination was nothing short of HUGH! You were quite remarkable Little John. Quite remarkable!

I sign off again, hugs and kisses! XoXO
Judy G (Burbank, CA)

P.S. I look forward to seeing the statue the KHP will be unveiling in October right outside your paddock. Cigar will get to "talk" to you again :-)

Santa Anita is also paying tribute to you by unveiling a life-size bronze statue in the paddock area....The Champion. The Legendary Gelding, John Henry!!

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