Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Few Pictures from the KHP on October 21, 2008

A few pictures from my trip to the KHP on Tuesday October 21, 2008.


Bach said...

Great pics. I feel so grateful to have seen him last year at the Park. Such a great memorial.

Anonymous said...

Dr. John,
Thanks for posting additional pictures of John's statue.

I look forward to the lifesize bronze statue of John at Santa Anita track! The date has not been confirmed; hopefully, before year-end.

Judy G
Burbank, CA

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bach and Judy for your comments!

John K

Anonymous said...

November 8, 2008
One year and one month...

Still in my heart, John Henry.

How do you like Alysheba taking over your old "domain"?

Maybe you could visit him and show him how to get some treats from the staff at the HOC!! :-)

I understand he had quite a shock when he saw your statue outside the paddock.

Love always XoXo
Judy G
(Burbank, CA)