Sunday, May 10, 2009

Comments for May and some pictures from my last trip to KY

Please post comments for May here. From my trip last weekend, I posted a few pics from the KHP, and Churchill Downs.


Russell Sitter said...

John Henry is awesome. I just watched the Sculpting of a Legend segment on KETs Kentucky Life. It showed all the steps involved in making the bronze that became the memorial at the KHP. Shelley Hunter did a super job on that sculpture and the new bust of John Henry that she finished last week.

Dr. John said...

Hi Russell,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree, Shelley does great work!

John K

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr. John for these great pics. JH's statue and place of rest look so pretty with the spring flowers. Shelley did such a beautiful job on John's statue!
Great photos of Barbaro's statue too. Another very special work of sculpture.
Looks like it was a nice Spring trip to KY!
Bob & Mary

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these pics. These are great! On a side note, I watched the Preakness last Saturday, and doesn't a certain little gelding with a sideways gait remind one of John Henry?

Anonymous said...

REPLY: YES! MTB is small but has tenacity and the will to win, just like Little John! :-)

Anonymous said...

John Henry turned 30 March 9, 2005. In May 2005, I made my first trip to Lexingon Kentucky. Not to see the farms or any other sites. The trip was planned specifically to visit the Legendary John Henry residing up on the hill at the Hall of Champions located at the Kentucky Horse Park.
I never laid eyes on him before. I'd seen pictures. I'd heard stories. But, little did I know that small "plain" brown horse would leap into my heart and grow ever so large!
When I had my picture taken beside him, Cathy Roby, told me: "Watch your toes!!" Nah! He didn't even try to get me... he knew he had me, just like so many people before me...
To look into his beautiful brown eyes, was an experience I'd never forget.
Boy, oh boy! Did John love the camera!!! He'd come to the fence of his paddock and give me straight on shots. I KNOW HE KNEW every word I spoke to him from that point on...
JH still has a way of making laugh. He was super intelligent, no doubt about it.
I was blessed to get to know him on my numerous trips back to Lexington - again, only to visit HIM.
Friendships have been made because of "JH". We've stood outside his barn and paddock and absorb his aura. He had such a charisma! He knew he was special, and he didn't have a problem letting you know it! :-)
I have to admit, I was not a horse racing fan, but this little guy got me to watching thoroughbred horses. Of course, no other horse will ever live in that very special place in my heart!
I love you John Henry, and always will. Thank you so very much for the wonderful memories... I hope to see you one day at Rainbow Bridge along side my husband, John.
He's so lucky to see you daily...
Love, Judy
Burbank, CA