Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2009 Thoughts and Comments

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John K


TROLL Y2K said...

I'm going to be honoring the gutsy little guy at my blog for the Mute Monday of August 10th. That's a secret.

He's my 2nd fave of all-time and glad to see he has a blog dedicated to him.

Anonymous said...

August 6, 1977

John Henry,
You raced at Evangeline Downs, in what was the FIFTH race of your young career. Only 2 years old! It was only 5 furlongs.

This was an allowance race for $2400!

Guess who won?? YOU!!! You beat out 11 other entries! How cool is this!

Guajardo was in the irons.

Early in your career, you were "history in the making"!

Judy G
Burbank, CA

John there are some people who are picking on a small horse named Mine That Bird...another little "plain wrap" gelding. He won the Derby this year, but hasn't been able to come in 1st since then. Please send MTB soom "good thoughts", and help him make some history, too. We need to shut these people up! LOL

Anonymous said...

August 1, 1981 ~ Inaugural Arlington Million
John Henry wins by eating up ground like a train full steam ahead. Beating 11 other horses. Willie Shoemaker in the irons.

Arlington Park honored the Legendary John Henry with a life size statue beating The Bart by a nose. You can't get more famous that THAT!!!

August 28, 1983 ~ Arlington Million
John Henry comes in a close second because he did NOT see the horse at the rail! If he had looked the other horse in the eye, In my opinion, he would have won. John was famous for his tenacity on the track. Chris McCarron in the irons.

August 26, 1984 ~ Arlington Million
12 horses entered this time. John Henry WINS again.

Incredible!! No other horse has accomplished this feat!

That's when the Ballad of John Henry was written by singer, song writer, Joe Keene. The lyrics say it all: "...Well done, My Son."

I am thinking of you this weekend, John~John. I'm sure TV will be mentioning you, as they always do. After all - you put this race on the map!! :-)

Judy G
Burbank, CA

Anonymous said...

On this date, August 12, 1986, Sam and Dorothy Rubin retired you for a second time. Permanently!!

You were previously retired on July 21, 1985, and sent to the Hall of Champions located at the Kentucky Horse Park. But, they decided to try and race you one more time. Due to a leg problem you were scratched.

Good idea! How horrible it would have been if you had a catastrophic injury or sent back to the horse park with major health problems!

You lived 23 wonderful years at the Hall of Champions. You drew large crowds. People who didn't know about you before, were about to fall in love with you...

Your spirit lives on there, and your statue stands just outside your paddock.

So, today marks another milestone for our "favorite horse", John Henry.

Judy G
Burbank, CA