Saturday, October 3, 2009

October 2009 Comments

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Anonymous said...

In fond memory of John Henry who left us today on October 8th, 2007. Still missed by many.

Bob C in PA

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks for stopping by John's blog. I can't believe it has been two years.


Anonymous said...

John Henry~
You remain in my heart. I think of you daily!

I find it painful thinking about the last day I saw you, October 8, 2007. You were miserable. Thank God your caretakers at the Hall of Champions knew what was best for you ~ to let you go to Rainbow Bridge.

A handful of your close "human" friends kissed you goodbye. We left the HOC knowing in our hearts, this was to be your last day on earth.

As painful as that day was, there is much joy, and wonderful memories, for having known you, my friend. You are STILL my favorite horse. There will NEVER EVER be another like you!!

You are the "keeper" of the geldings. You continue to watch over them from above and protect them because they will most likely have longer racing careers.

I love you dearly. I imagine the angels feed you your peppermints now, along with some chocolate on on occasion! :-)

Love always,
Judy G
Burbank, CA

p.s. Please keep Mine That Bird safe. Let this little guy continue to make history for this decade. He deserves it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Judy!

John K

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!
It has been a long time coming but "John Henry: The Steel Driving Racehorse" The movie, is on the brink of being released and put on the market to be purchased. A new website has been launched where a new trailer, clips, bios etc. can be viewed. I encourage everyone to check it out! The movie will be available to be purchased from the site shortly. In the meantime I hope you enjoy!!! and I can't wait to finally share this film with all of you, with whom many of you were a part of, and honor John's life, career and thousands of devoted fans and admirers. the site can be seen here.
I will update you with further information as it comes in.

Christian Koby

Anonymous said...

Chris Koby ~ WOW - it's a long time coming!

I'm sure the wait will be worth it! John Henry never, ever disappointed! :-)

I hope it's released before the Secretariat movie...

p.s. I hope someone has been in touch with Joe Keene with the Ballad of John Henry song!! It would be great music for the movie.

Judy G
Burbank, CA

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