Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday John Henry

John Henry

It is not about just "a horse;" but about perseverance, dedication, motivation, hard work, and tenacity. It is about John Henry succeeding, winning, setting records, and capturing the hearts and spirit of thousands of fans all across the country for many years. And even now, 22 years after retirement, John still is an inspiration to many. John was not born into thoroughbred racing royalty; but worked, struggled, and fought valiantly for what he earned and accomplished. John Henry's passion, will, determination, intelligence, and "heart" made him a true champion, and definitely a legend!

John Henry was an animal who inspired human beings by his free spirit, honor, intelligence, humor, love of life, and everything else life has to offer. John has proved to us time and time again, that persistence, bravery and courage can overcome misfortune and adversity; and that even the "common man" or "common horse" has the potential to be a great champion, hero, and true friend. All of us can learn from the never-ending lessons he taught us. As it was said about him: “Even though he did not always win, he never gave up.”


Anonymous said...

I thought about John Henry today as I often do, but especially today, on what would have been his 35th birthday. He continues to inspire me every day and I miss him very much.

Anonymous said...

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