Thursday, August 2, 2007

John in the Parade of Breeds

Update from Cindy at the KHP 8-2-07.

"Thought you guys would like to see a photo taken of John Henry yesterday (not 20 years ago), which ought to brighten your day. He decided to make an appearance in the Parade of Breeds (not the Hall of Champions). Now that he is going on excursions around the park, he is a different horse. If I hadn’t watched him walk out of John Henry’s stall yesterday, I’m not sure I would’ve believed it’s the same horse. He looks 10 years younger, at least. I think he is enjoying the blessings of many, many prayers that have been prayed on his behalf. He feels good, looks good, and there is a light in his eyes that hasn’t been there for a long time. He even takes his medication now without hours of bribery." Photo by Steve Faust.

Thanks Cindy and Steve!


Anonymous said...

I saw John two years ago and he does look very much better now. I'm sure getting out and around, seeing things is good for him. Thanks for the photo and update. Another John Henry fan.

Judy G said...

Cindy, thanks so much for posting this to John~John's blog! Every day he becomes more and more a treasure!! He does appear to want the adoration he used to get during his racing days. He is extremely bright and he knows when he is being admired. We love you John Henry and I cannot wait to see you again in October. XOXO Judy, Burbank, CA

Dr. John said...

Thanks Judy and Anonymous,

I agree, John does look GREAT! I think deep down, JH does appreciate the attention.

Dr. John

Anonymous said...

John looks quite fit in this photo. Will someone please notify Ron MacAnally and maybe see if John could go back in training. He would show the current runners some style and class. Just dreamin' of course, but I'd love to see JH skimming over the turf again and hearing the track announcer yell "and between horses, here comes John Henry."

Bob in PA

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cindy for posting this great pic and update. John looks so proud, fit and happy. He is still THE CHAMP and its so good to see him still getting the admiration and attention he deserves. Can't wait to see you in person John in October. Love you and God bless. Mary in FL

Dr. John said...

Bob and Mary,

Thanks for your comments! Yes, I can hear the announcer now: "... and here comes John Henry." Wow, what a great moment to relive, over and over again!

I agree, he is still the CHAMP!

Dr. John

Michelle in South Carolina said...

John Henry looks even better than when I saw him exactly one month ago today. He looks so happy standing in the Parade of Breeds ring. Hope it wasn't too "ugly" trying to get him there as the narrator said it was when trying to get him in the Hall of Champions show. You still look gorgeous John Henry!!!

Dr. John said...

Thanks Michelle! He does look great doesn't he?

Dr. John

Steve Faust said...

John went in the parade of breeds without any fuss. They were playing the opening Kentucky State song and John walked in. When everyone realized who it was, they started clapping for him! After a second John realized it was for him... thus the pose. It was quite an honor to take that picture! Dr. John it was nice to meet you today and thank you for using my picture! Steve Faust

Dr. John said...

Hi Steve,

It was nice meeting you this afternoon 8-12-07 at the horsepark!
Thanks for sharing your picture and story with us on John's blog. It is a great picture! John looks like the true CHAMPION that he is in the picture!

Thanks again, please stop by often!