Sunday, September 23, 2007

John Henry Stories

Please Post Your Favorite John Henry Story Here!


Dr. John


Susan K said...

I saw our fighter today and he's doing great. No IV, walking around his stall, eating his hay, and, best of all, he's still got that "I dare you to enter my stall" look in his eye. I think he gets aggravated when people get too close to his stall door and, when they do, he goes outside. Of course, everyone follows him out there, so he just turns tail and walks back into his stall (the air conditioner set up outside his stall could be a "bribe" to get him back in). It's just like he's playing a game: "Outsmart the Human"--which John ALWAYS wins.

Thanks, Dr. John, for starting this blog. I've let my friends in PA, NJ, and NH (who are John groupies, too) know about it and I hope they'll visit.

Dr. John said...

Hi Susan, thanks for visiting, please stop by often. It was nice seeing you at the horse park yesterday!


johnsfan said...

Thank you Susan K for updating us! Thank you Dr. John also! It is so nice to have you to inform us. I worry until I see he is doing good. I hope to see him this coming weekend. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. John: Nice to see you at the KHP this weekend! The JH Group had a nice evening...remembering John~John over dinner. Speaking about him like an old friend or family member (which, by the way, he IS! The opportunity to visit with Lewis and Donna Cenicola on Saturday with John Henry right there was the greatest adventure. I was on Cloud 9. My favorite horse always makes me so happy. I came back home with a smile on my face...cannot wait to visit again in two weeks. Then, I will see my Beloved John Henry again on March 9th. Always in my heart, my thoughts, my prayers. Judy G(Burbank, CA)

Anonymous said...

I was at Johns' last race at The Meadowlands, The Ballantine Classic.He looked as if he wasn't going to run a lick this race. He was near last going into the 2nd turn of the 3 turn 1 3/8 mile distance he was running that night. Then on the backside intot he far turn he started moving and kept picking up momentum untill he was moving like a big train. He moved past them all to a victory. Then John was being John again. As Mc Carron was riding him back tot eh winners circle, John stopped dead in front of the Jumbo tron in the infield and was lookign at himself. Mc Carron tried to urge John to the winners circle, but he wouldn't budge until he was good and ready. After he had enough of looking at the lights, crowd and himself on the screen, he just walked as proud as could be intot he winners circle. I will NEVER forget John and that special day.
I will get to see you big man next Friday. And as much as I love Keeneland and Lexington, YOU are the ALWAYS the best part of my trip and the part I look to the most.
Bless you ol' timer, you a truly one of the ALL-TIME GREATS.

Your Friend,
Mike C.
See you next week...

Dr. John said...

Hi Mike C,

That is a great story, thanks for sharing it with us. Please stop by often!

John K

Chrissy said...

My husband and I drove from MD to the KY this past weekend (9/29-30) to see John Henry. We took little goodie bags for all of the horses in the Hall of Champions (John's included chocolate covered donuts and bananas too...) and some for the staff. When we first got there the staff were all at lunch, so it was just us and the Champions! We set the bags down and John Henry came up to his stall door, sniffed around, and started banging the door with his front hoof. It was so cute! I told him I wasn't allowed to let him out or give him treats and he just banged a bit harder. I stood there talking to him and telling him how much people love him. I was surprised that he actually came up to me at the stall door (probably wanted his treats!) and almost looked like he was trying to figure out what I was saying. Every once in a while he would turn and get a drink of water. Of course, after about 10 minutes he promptly turned his back as if to say, "Ok, I'm done with you for now." :o)

Later on, when the staff returned, Barbara gave him some of our donuts! It was SO GREAT to see him, Cigar, and Da Hoss and to get to know Western Dreamer and Gypsy Supreme (Staying Together was outside and we didn't get to see him too much). I really felt that I was standing in the presence of greatness the whole time I was there.

Dr. John said...

Hi Chrissy,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. You were definitely with living legends!

Thanks again!

John K