Friday, September 28, 2007

More Photos from Last Weekend

Photos from 9-20-07 thru 9-22-07 description: From the BOTTOM to the TOP. 008 Cathy w/ John peeping out; 039 Lewis Cenicola, unknown, Donna Cenicola; 043 Judy Gadwood, Lewis and Donna Cenicola; 57 Lewis, John, Cathy; 075 Donna Cenicola, Mary Pero(Fla), Robin (HOC,background), Judy Gadwood(Ca), Garnetta Graham(Lex); 094 Barbara and Lewis 097, ???? and John 101; Maryjean Wall(Lex Herald Leader Newspaper) and John; 106, Mary (Simmons?) from Rerun; 123 Cigar (not to be left out); 005 ???? and Lewis, John 007; Lewis and John 032; John Henry 127; John holding Mary Pero hostage for a cookie 135, Mary points out John’s only grey hairs; 013 Garnetta Graham(Lex) and John

Thanks Mary and Bob!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr. John and thanks Bob & Mary for these photos. Sort of fleshes out the Lexington newspaper
story from 9/25. John is looking quite chipper here.
Glad to see that.
Bob in PA

Dr. John said...

Hi Bob in PA,

I agree, John is looking good! :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

John K

j said...

Hi Dr. John,

JD here, glad you're keeping us updated on John's condition. It appears he's quite enjoying all the attention!

I love the photos, but I wanted to let you know I found a photoshop tip for removing the reflective "redeye" (even though it's not red in horses), I tried it on some of my photos, and it makes the glow disappear in a natural way:

Thanks again for the updates, I know all John's fans really appreciate them!


JAG said...

Dr. John, It was an outstanding weekend to visit John~John. It was a thrill for me to finally have the opportunity to meet Lewis and Donna Cenicola. Thanks to my good friends, Bob and Mary Pero, for sharing their photos. And, thank you for posting photos of my visit with Verna and Jean. XO to my Beloved John Henry. Judy G. (Burbank, CA)

Dr. John said...

J ~ thanks for the tip!

Judy and all ~ I just left the horsepark, Sunday 9-30-07 at 5pm, and John is doing great!

John K

Anonymous said...

Is John gaining any weight - especially toward the hind end?

mp said...

Thank you Dr. John. This is beautiful and the wording so fitting for "our Champion". Hope to see you at the Memorial Service.
Mary & Bob (FL)