Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Few Pictures from Last Weekend 9-30-07


JAG said...

Hi Dr. John, I'm glad to see Tammy Siters in your recent pictures. John still takes those walks like a hound dog with his head low to the ground...precious! :-) Hopefully, I will get to see him take a walk. We arrive Friday evening and we will be at the HOC first thing Saturday. Talk to you soon. Judy G (Burbank, CA)

Anonymous said...

I just heard the news. RIP, boy. We'll miss you.

johnsfan said...

I am so unhappy. It seems like everything we have created to sustain each other has fallen apart.

johnsfan said...

Well, I am glad THAT posted. I have looked and looked for you all. Why on earth, now that John has passed, are you pretending he didn't exist??? Where ARE you all? I have wailed to high heaven. I heard this morning and the bottom dropped from my world. Yes, I know we had him for far longer than ever anticipated. That is good. I saw him Oct 1. That was good. But although I know we cannot (could not) keep him forever, where are you guys? The most support I have found is timwoolley (FOBS). Why is not his website ALIVE with him? Judy G., I knew you were gonna see him this weekend, I could not find any reports! (censored, I take that back) I know we all love him. Please let me know what you saw (if you can find this website anymore)..DR. John- wahhhh!!!!help.

johnsfan said...

DR John, were you there?

John Manning said...

John Henry, you are my Hero
You are and will always be
You give hope to the ordinary
To an ordinary man just like me

John Henry, you are my Hero
Magnificent courage on display
Reaching inside and giving it all
As the finish line came into play

John Henry, you are my Hero
Awesome thunder on the track
You filled the days of my youth
With warm memories as I look back

John Henry, you are my Hero
You lift my sprit and make me see
That I can accomplish anything
And be the person I want to be

Anonymous said...

Look at this link for 12 pages of comments and
tributes for John.
Bob in PA

Cindy said...

John Henry, may God bless you. You gave us so much; such inspiration on and off the track. I will miss reading your updates, and having you with us as a living legend at Kentucky Horse Park. There will be a void at KHP where you ruled in the Hall of Champions. I'm sure there will be a void in the hearts of everyone who cared for you and loved you over the many years; especially your caretakers. There will never be another like you, Old Champ.

RIP John Henry.