Friday, April 18, 2008

More Pictures

More pictures from Santa Anita and John's birthday March 9, 2008.
Thanks to Judy G for sending the pictures!


Anonymous said...

Is that CJ in the bottom picture?


Anonymous said...

No that is NOT C.J - sorry! I will list the pics from top to bottom:
Jose Mercado - John's Groom under Ron McAnally.
Jose & Richard.
Judy & Jose.
Judy & Richard.
Bob P., Paul, & Dr. John.
Brenda & Howard.
Garnetta, Judy & Mary P.
Judy & Don Schwartz, famous Equine artist. Look up his fabulous John Henry art: DRS
Linda, Judy G., Judy C. & Garnetta.
Judy & Jose with JH album.
Judy showing contents of album to Jose.
Judy & Jose with JH halter.
Jose in Lewis Cenicola's office.
Sant Anita "breaking from the gate".
Santa Anita paddock; horse with "no name".
Judy G (Burbank, CA)