Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Comments, Thoughts for May 2008

Please post your comments, thoughts for May here. Thank you!

Dr. John


Anonymous said...

May 8, 2008
Dear John Henry,
You left us seven months ago today. The pain is still with us. There isn't a day go by that I do not think of you and your beautiful BIG brown eyes!!

On June 28th, the Kentucky Horse Park is honoring your memory by having The John Henry Equine Adoption Fair. It's a way of helping horses who are neglected or not wanted. What better horse to to represent this need than you!

I am so sad to say we lost the beautiful filly: Eight Belles. I'm sure you saw her break down at the Kentucky Derby. Did you greet her at Heaven's gate? I'm sure with your wisdom you helped her and comforted her. She's loving the green pastures and rainbows, isn't she? Tell her, too, that we all love her and will never forget her! No more bridles to wear......

Take care John~John. I will write to you next month....

Hugs & Kisses XOXO
Love, Judy G
Burbank, CA)

Anonymous said...

To Eight Belles,
As you run across Heaven's turf please look for a dark brown gelding by the name of John Henry. I'm sure he was impressed by your courage and determination in the Kentucky Derby last week. You were a filly racing against the colts and not many thought you had much of a chance, but you beat them all save one. Well, John had a similar start to his career because nobody thought a small, hard to handle horse with bad knees would amount to
much. He proved the "experts" wrong and became one of racing's greatest champions.
At first you may think he's grumpy and rough, but
don't take him too seriously... he just does that to maintain his reputation. Anyway, you will have an old veteran watching over you.
A word of caution here. Don't challenge him to a race. John may look small and much older than you,
but he's a tough customer as many, many horses
found out to their dismay.

BobC in PA

Anonymous said...

Thanks Judy and Bob C!

John K

Anonymous said...

Please light a candle for our Beloved John Henry on the above link.

Thank you!
Judy G (Burbank, CA)

Rhonda said...

John Henry showed us that first impressions don't have to be destiny.

I hadn't been to the horse park for a couple of years, but I was there last week. The Hall of Champions isn't the same without him. It's lost its scrappy spirit and sass.

I bet Cigar misses him, too.

Dr. John said...

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for posting on John's blog site! Please stop back again! You are absolutely correct, it is definitely not the same at the KHP without John.

Dr. John