Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Few Pictures from May 4, 2008

A few pictures from my visit to the KHP on Sunday May 4, 2008.

Dr. John


Anonymous said...

Dr. John,
Thanks for posting these new pictures.

I am totally shocked my card from March 9th is still on John~John's grave. I had given him some flowers with the card.

It's nice to see SPRING has arrived at the HOC.

My love to John Henry...always in my heart and never far from my thoughts! XO

Judy G (Burbank, CA)

Dr. John said...

Thanks Judy!


Anonymous said...

In the wake of the Preakness this weekend, let's hope and pray that none of the horses breakdown.

Anyone who knew John Henry, knows he was very intelligent and very wise. In his wisdom, I'm sure he will look upon the second and third leg of the Triple Crown and give them good thoughts! Two HOOVES up...

Judy G & Richie (Burbank, CA)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. John.

Beautiful spingtime at KHP.

John Henry, we miss you and talk of you often. Never to be forgotten in our hearts.

Mary & Bob (FLA)

Anonymous said...

John Henry, you did not win the Derby, you did not win the Preakness, nor the Belmont Stakes, or the Breeders' Cup, but you won our hearts!
— Your Loving Fans

Rhonda said...

Hiya, Dr. John - I was at the KHP the day after you were, apparently.

When I walked around, I thought about John's walkabouts during his last year. Unimagineable, back when he was young and sassy. As a matter of fact, I almost fell out of my chair here at the desk when I read that they hand-walked JH through the park among the visitors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda,

Yes, it was quite amazing, John and his walks around the park last summer. I was fortunate to go along with him on several of those walks, and John Henry was the perfect gentleman!

It was nice meeting you at Old Friends on the Sunday after the Derby. Please stop by and post again!

Thank you!

Dr. John

Anonymous said...

Tale of Young Big Brown
When Big Brown was a yearling at Monticule Farms in Lexington, KY he liked to sneak out at night
and take walks around the country side. One night he was passing a place called Kentucky Horse Park.
He though to himself "Wonder what this is?" He went in the main gate and was startled by a statue of a huge horse. The name on the statue was Man o' War. Big Brown didn't know who that was, but figured he must have been famous long ago.

Turning down a lane that went past fields and lead to a large barn, Big Brown came to a panel that had
a horses name and a long list of accomplishments. Looking around he saw a small, brown, but obviously older horse standing by the paddock fence watching with interest. "Hi! the old horse said. My name is John Henry. Are you lost? Kinda late for a youngster to be out by himself." He picked up a bag from the grass and said, "Have one of my chocolate donuts."

Big Brown stayed with the old horse for hours listening to his stories of races and adventures when he was just a youngster. The old horse finally said, "I like your spirit son... Come back and visit me soon, but I have to go now because my fussy mom's will be wondering what I'm up to."

Well, Big Brown was thrilled that this obviously great horse liked him and promised to come back.
He did and the old horse gave him plenty of advice and tips about the finer points of racing. One time
he even said "Maybe someday you'll win the Kentucky Derby... a race I never ran. After that... who knows?
You can do whatever you set your mind on."

Bob C in PA

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob C, you are a poet!

John K