Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 2008 Comments

Please post your thoughts and comments for December here.

Thank you!

John K


Anonymous said...

December 8, 2008
Dear John Henry,
One year and two months ago today we lost you.

Not a day goes by that I do not think of you, my friend. You will always be my FAVORITE horse. I cheer on other horses, but know that no other will replace you!! I lite candles for you daily...sometimes from your pal, Cigar.

It will a blue Christmas because you are not with us.

Love always,
Judy G
(Burbank, CA)

Anonymous said...

Just want to say hello to my favorite horse, John Henry!

Anonymous said...

Dear John Henry,

I'm embarrassed every time Chris McCarron says "Alysheba was the greatest horse I ever rode."
Sure... I had a great racing career, but when I look at yours and realize that some of your records are still standing after 24 years and think about your 7 Eclipse Awards... I am in awe.

I've visited the stride markers they have here at
the KHP and don't know how you were able to outdo mighty Secretariat.

I'm sure that if all the greatest race horses of the past could vote on this question:
***Name the horses that you would have feared most in a long stretch duel***

I'll bet the name John Henry would be near the top of most of the ballots.

I did a quick survey of my new stable mates... Cigar, Da Hoss, and Kona Gold. When I asked them this question their eyes got big and they all agreed they were glad John had retired beforehand and they never had to find out.

So next time Chris is around the HOC and says that I'll pick him up by his jacket, drag him out to your statue and shake him a couple of times. Maybe he'll get the message. I'll bet Cathy will understand.


(Bob C in PA)

Anonymous said...

Please lite candles for our beloved John Henry at least once day at this site.

His spirit shines bright, but lighting candles are another way of remembering him and his legacy.

His star shines brightly in the heavens each evening... watching over us, his fans.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to my favorite horse, John Henry!!

This is the first Christmas in Heaven for the following ladies:
Eight Belles
Winning Colors
Genuine Risk

Please share some of your peppermints with these Champions. I'm sure you know you are surrounded by greatness, John. You can even give each of them a KISS!!

Say hello to Barbaro and all the other Champions who were welcomed by the Lord this past year.

I will never forget you, my friend.

Judy G
(Burbank, CA)

Anonymous said...

To quote the plaque on your grave:
If tears could build a stairway
and memories a lane.
I'd walk right up to Heaven
and bring YOU home again.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to all of John Henry's freinds/fans for a happy 2009.
Garnetta (GG)
Lexington, KY

Anonymous said...

Eat all the chocolate and peppermints you want this evening.

Eight Belles and all the other horses who have entered Heaven's paddock this year - some lived a long life; some left us way too soon - would like to join you in the celebration...

You all have fun running and bucking in your green pastures.

Just know that you are NEVER far from out thoughts. We live our lives, but you live in our hearts forever, John Henry.

Hugs & Kisses.
Judy G

P.S. Cigar said to say 'hello'!!