Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 2009 Thoughts

Please post your thoughts and comments for January 2009 here.

Thank you.

John K


Anonymous said...

January 2, 2009
Happy New Year John~John!

All the horses turned a year older yesterday. Please continue to watch over all of them this year.

We hate the spills, injuries and the fatalities!! We hoped for changes to be made.

On New Year's Eve there was a beautiful crescent moon with Venus near by. I thought I could see you running between them...a celestial work-out, so to speak ;-)

I love you, John. Give my love to my husband, John Andrew.

Judy G
Burbank, CA

Anonymous said...

The Ballad of John Henry CD written, sung and recorded by Joe Keene.

Please contact KSS Recordings, 704 Park Ave, Kennet, MO 63857.

Phone Number: 573-888-3032.

Proceeds from the sale of this recordig will be donated to THE JOHN HENRY MEMORIAL FUND.

Thank you,
A Fan trying to help the Fund

Anonymous said...

Janury 8, 2009
Dear John Henry,
Today marks one year & 3 months that we lost you...

Still never far from my thoughts; always in my heart. You were family to me.

Love always,
Judy G
(Burbank, CA)

Anonymous said...

John Henry...
The late Joe Hirsch wrote:

"He was not the best race horse. He was not the fastest or the busiest. He wasn't the greatest weight carrier, and certainly not the handsomest or the most personable. But he was the most remarkable horse who ever raced -- anywhere."

John, greet Mr. Hirsch with a welcoming nicker and offer him one of your chocolate donuts!

Judy G

Anonymous said...

Thanks Judy!