Friday, January 29, 2010

Comments for February 2010

Comments, thoughts for February 2010


Anonymous said...

John Henry,
I euthanized my cat, Babyface, this morning at 10:30 AM P.T. I kissed her good-bye and told her that you would be there to greet her at Rainbow Bridge.

Please show her where to find my other kitty cats, as well as my husband, John. I found Babyface after John passed away, so they are meeting for the first time.

All my love to everyone! XO
Judy G
Burbank, CA

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite horse: JOHN HENRY!!

I also want to wish my husband, John, a Happy Valentine's Day XOXO

All of these kitties are with you, JH. I miss them, especially today, of all days:

Hugs and Kisses!!

Love always,
Judy G
Burbank, CA

Anonymous said...

Dear John Henry,

ELMER BANDIT, a 38 year old gelding and Trail Riding Champion, was euthanized in his paddock Valentine's Day night. The Old Warrior fought to get up, but the cold weather took it's toll on him, so they humanely put him down.

I'm 100% sure you were right there as he crossed Rainbow Bridge. You two have lots to talk about... many, many years of experience and challenges.

My heart breaks for his lifelong owner, Mary Anna Wood. She is going to miss Elmer so very much!!

Enjoy each other's company. Be sure to share some of your peppermints. He might even like some chocolate you have left over from Valentine's Day. I hope you shared some of those with EIGHT BELLES - your sweetheart!!

Judy G
Burbank, CA

qpole said...

I began as a clocker in 1973, at Santa Anita. I was immediately assigned to the gap position, where the horses entered onto the racetrack. I had the pleasure of observing, at close range,the feats of some very great horses; Affirmed, Dahlia, Ack Ack, Spectacular Bid, Crimson Saint,Miles Tyson, etc. etc. It was a pleasure to witness their exploits, it was an honor to watch John Henry on a daily basis.
I can still see him, in my memory, as he came onto the racetrack led by Mr Mercado, his groom, and Louie Cenicola on his back. Standing in the entrance gap, non chalantly observing HIS domaine.
I've been told over the years that I have an good eye for horses,but John could disprove that theory. If Louie Cenicola were absent from his back, he could be mistaken for a slight, poorly built Filly! His conformation was questionable until you got down to his knees,which were "over", substantially.
But what John had that the rest lacked, was attitude. He knew who he was, something extra special. I'm delighted to hear that in his later years he became more friendly. If you came into his range while he was competing, you could leave with a painful reminder not to do hat again. John stayed on guard, he demanded, and received respect. People gazed at him in disbelief when I would point him out during workouts.In competition, he looked like a large "foal" running alongside some big "mothers"!He personified the racetrack stories about success by mediocrity(his breeding, that is.) John Henry was the "working class hero" before John Lennon wrote the verse.
I was born on the racetrack, 64 years ago, while my father pursued his career as a jockey. I've seen numerous, beautiful animals, (Spectacular Bid) the best, but I've never seen another with the attitude, heart and "will to win" than John Henry had.
I have a picture framed in my den of John as he was led over to the saddling paddock by Mr Mercado, schooling for his final stakes win in northen California. He is majestic, ears up, sittin on a win! The greatest horse that ever lived!!!!!!! Thnx JH

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to post your memories of the Legendary John Henry.

Your story gave me goose bumps, because I could visualize JH doing these things... what a special horse he was to so many of us!

I hope you like the life-size statue Nina Kaiser did. I visit "him" every time I go to the track :-)

Judy G
Burbank, CA

Anonymous said...

On this date, February 23, 1980:

John Henry won the Grade II Turf Cup race at Hialeah Park Race Track; 1 1/2 firm track.

Darrell McHargue in the irons.


Anonymous said...

February 16, 1981

Laffit Pincay, Jr. in the irons ~ John Henry wins the San Luis Obispo Grade II; 1 /12 on the turf. Carrying 127 lbs.

Bless his heart!