Friday, June 4, 2010

June 2010 Comments

Please post thoughts or comments here.


Anonymous said...

Long time no talk JH... problems trying to post anything. This is a test run!

Anonymous said...

June 21, 1985
On this date you were retired John Henry!

Racing hasn't been the same!!

You are still in my thoughts every single day - but, then again, I have all these beautiful photos, lithographs, etc. around me at home and at work!

Love always, XOXO
Judy G (California)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Judy!


Anonymous said...

John Henry
It's July 4th... as I sit at the computer, I can hear the fireworks outside the open window. There's a cool breeze, but you are not with us.

I take comfort in knowing you are taking care of business. All of the horses crossing Rainbow Bridge see you, and know they are going to be okay!

Judy G (California)