Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Comments and Thoughts

Please post thoughts and comments for July here.



Anonymous said...

25 years ago today, you were retired from racing.

I wish I'd seen you during your racing career, but I'm grateful I found you retired at the Kentucky Horse Park!

Your fans love you and miss you, even though it appears nobody visits here... :-(

Judy G

Anonymous said...

Thanks Judy for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

July 24, 2010
John Henry,
Today would have been a milestone birthday for my husband, John.

John went to heaven in 1991. He was there when you crossed Rainbow Bridge in 2007.

You are happy together! I miss you both very much. One day we will be together again...

Judy G

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace in God's Pastures, John Henry!
Although I never saw you race or even knew of you when I was young, I thank you for the many visits we shared at the Kentucky Horse Park, where you now rest! I thank you for all the attention you gave to me when I visited with you!
You are loved and missed by so many and the entire racing world; you are a Champion Extraordinaire!
God bless John Henry and all at the KHP!
Don in Massachusetts

Anonymous said...

Thanks Don for stopping by! John Henry was the best!

Dr. John

Anonymous said...

Aug. 21, 2010
John Henry,

Your record 2 wins of the Arlington Million still stands. Today was the 28th
running, but no other horse has equaled your mark. That just reinforces my
admiration of you for this difficult feat.

Bob C in PA