Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September 2010 Comments

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Anonymous said...

If you haven't please do check out the website for 'John Henry' The steel driving racehorse at www.johnhenrymovie.com, our facebook and twitter page. We are constantly giving away free DVDs and movie posters to our supporters.

Anonymous said...

The famous artist who came to visit you at the Kentucky Horse Park in 1985 passed away.

Don Schwartz shared a very amusing story about you! He said he was in your paddock to take photos because he was going to do an oil painting for Sam Rubin.

Well, you were very feisty that day so you reared up in front of him. Don said he fell back on the ground and saw his life pass before his eyes!

The groom picked Don up. He was saved from whatever you had on your mind that day!

Rest in peace, Don!

I have no doubt that JH was there waiting for you as you crossed over... this time with a peppermint kiss.

I will see you all one day. In the meantime. XO

Judy G

Cynthia C said...

I worked for the print house that created publications for the Jockey Club and it was there I fell in love with John Henry, their Horse of the Year, the horse who would smile at his adoring fans. I had his pictures pinned up over my table and I loved looking at him and reading about him although I know nothing about horse racing. I've never even been to a race. But there was something in this animal that appealed to me. Add to that "certain something" he was a handsome fellow and I am glad he had a good life.

Anonymous said...

Hello Cynthia C,

Thanks for stopping by John Henry's blog!

Dr. John

Anonymous said...

To Cynthia C.
If you revisit and would like to view JH's races...

Many of John Henry's races are on YouTube. Here is
the 1981 Jockey Club Gold Cup... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHexkk8Xhl0

You can open all of same poster 'recutting' videos
with JH... There are probably two dozen.

Bob C in PA

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob for the info!