Thursday, September 30, 2010

October 2010

Please post thoughts and comments for October here. It will be three years this month that John crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


Anonymous said...

GOT TO SEE John Henry about 5 months before he died at the Horse Park at AGE 32. I was so very lucky to see him race live at Santa Anita AND Hollywood Park many times. Saw other great horses like Perrault and The Bart. They played a video of him winning the ARLINGTON MILLION AT THE HORSE PARK AND THAT OLD GUY LOOKED AROUND THE CORNER FROM HIS PASTURE AS IF TO SAY, WAS I NOT ONE OF THE GREATEST!!!THAT WAS AMAZING. THIS HORSE was VERY special.. . That big long stride, THE GLAZED EYES, and AMAZING determination was something to watch, especially on the turf. EVEN MET AND TALKED TO HIS TRAINER RON MCANALLY AT DEL MAR, WHAT A NICE MAN AND GREAT TRAINER."RIP" BIG JOHN, THANKS FOR THE ETCHED MEMORIES!!!

ira said...

Still miss you big guy.
I lost my 14 yr old Lab Retriever Mo last month. I told her to visit you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I didn't pay my respects on October 8th. I took the day off for my birthday and my home computer is acting up; I'm sure you understand.

You know you are in my heart every single day. Every single day that you've been gone does not erase my fond memories of you, Champ!

I visited your "adopted baby sister, Zenyatta". She loves the camera and adoration, just like you! She knows who she is, just like you! WOW. Two great horses in my lifetime :-)


Judy G

Anonymous said...

Saw John Henry at Santa Anita in the early 80's...the most beautiful amazing horse EVER! He knew who he was, and he showed us who he was. What a look in his eyes...still gives me chills!
Someone needs to make a movie about this wonderful animal, not the humans!!

Anonymous said...

John Henry one of the very best. I can't wait to buy the DVD. What a Bad A$%#@&*!! We'll miss you!
Ron - Cali