Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Comments from Jean Callaway

I asked Jean Callaway to write a few words about John, and she graciously agreed. Jean said:

"When John was young, it was constantly said that "He will never make it". After all he was small and had bad confirmation, back at the knees. Now at the age of 32 after becoming the first horse in the world to earn $6,500,000, he has proven them wrong. It took a lifetime, but he did it."

Jean Callaway


Judy G (Burbank, CA) said...

Jean, I want to say thank you for naming him John Henry. My late husband's name was John, and he is responsible for introducing me to John~John. There were two John Henry's in the family: father and grandfather... :-)

Dr. John said...

Thanks Judy G!

Dr. John

Anonymous said...

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