Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thoughts from Verna Lehmann - Breeder of John Henry

I asked Verna Lehmann, John Henry's breeder, if she would say a few words about him. Verna cordially agreed, and this is what she had to say:

"Until I took John Henry's registration pictures, did I know how rebellious he was. Even though three veterinarians suggested we sell him as he was 'back in the knees,' and would never race. How little we knew what his future would be.

The way he maneuvered around as I snapped photos of him, I should have had an inkling his knees were not going to stop him from racing. He ran the fields as he was boss of all out there, and the others tried to stay their distance. He later proved he had what it took to WIN, and be the 'Greatest'."

Verna M. Lehmann
of Golden Chance Farm
1965-1990 then owner with late husband Robert E. Lehmann

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edie said...

I can absolutely picture John making it tough to take his picture. That's what he did when I was at KHF. He would stick his head out of his window, and then just as I was ready to snap his picture, he'd pop his head back into his stall. He sure can entertain himself!