Monday, July 16, 2007

John Henry Documentary - Update from Christian Koby

Hey everyone!

I am so pleased to be a part of this great new site. Thanks Dr. John! I'd also like to announce that a new and long overdue cinematic John Henry tribute is currently in the works. My name is Christian Koby, Co-Director to "John Henry: An American Hero" a full length documentary film dedicated to, That's right! Racings' Grand Old Man himself, John Henry. Together, with my directing partner Cameron Duddy and Producer Rebecca Gebhard, we have spent the past several months traveling back and forth from Kentucky, New York, California and many places in between capturing John Henry's story, investigating why he is so universally loved, and pinpointing what makes him such a sensation whether it be on the track or in our lives. John's life and career is legendary!

Our goal is not only to portray that; but to relive John's many accomplishments and struggles from the personal experiences of the men and women who were there with him by his side. Through the words of Verna Lehmann, Ron McAnally, Chris McCarron, and the many other owners, trainers, and jockeys involved throughout his life, we have pieced together the arduous journey that secured John's legacy as history's greatest rags to riches phenomenon. We explore the scientific, spiritual and biological theories to John's "freak of nature" cardiovascular system and ornery behavior.

We attended his 32nd birthday, the first ever John Henry Day at Santa Anita Race Track, talked to many of his super fans, including our own Dr. John, and recorded examples of how deep John has enriched their lives proving to us that he still has the power to inspire after twenty two years of retirement. John's story did not end when he retired to the KY Horse Park in 1985, but continued to beat the odds even up to this day. It's such a great story with a message that relates to the young and old, horse fan or not, and I can't tell you how happy we are to be a part of it. We've met and shared with so many great people and I hope we can continue to do so utilizing this site. I can't wait to share the movie with everyone and hope you look forward to seeing it. Please feel free to comment, or ask questions concerning our upcoming Documentary "John Henry: An American Hero", and my team or I will gladly reply, or check out these sites to read more about it.

Thank You,

Christian Koby, Co-Director, John Henry: An American Hero


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the movie. I hope it includes a clip of him dragging his groom into the winners circle when he came in 2nd in the Arlington Million.

I believe I saw it on the news way back when. But, it has turned into such a vague memory - I'm no longer sure if I actually saw it vs. imagined it.

Keep the updates coming. It'll be an excellent documentary - I'm sure.

Jennifer said...

Can't wait!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shortly upon John's passing last year , I read that a film about his life was in the works. Safe to say, I am on board with many others in excitement and anticipation for this film. Big John will forever live in hearts and memories. My only regret is that I never had the chance to see him race in person. I look forward to learning more about his life and precisely why is so loved and adored. For anyone interested in learning more about this horse, I would recommend purchasing the volume titled John Henry "Racings Grand Old Man". It is just one of many volumes that are part of the great Thoroughbred Legends series.

john henry westhead said...

My name is John Henry and I can't wait. I've shared a short clip with many family and friends to draw up interest. I'm also a steel driving musician-